Case studies

Western Cape Department of Health

Schools Health Wellness Mobile Initiative

“Early detection of health problems can significantly impact a learners educational experience and we are proud of the effect that our Schools Health Wellness Mobile initiative has had on providing access to healthcare for young learners in the province.”
– Debbie Schafer, Western Cape Minister of Education, 2019.

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Dischem Foundation Wellness mobile clinic visiting a rural school
Broadreach HIV Test & Treatment mobile clinic
Broadreach Healthcare

HIV ‘Test and Treat’ Mobile Units

“The more men educated on HIV and are being tested in communities, the better. Men carry a strong responsibility to reduce the spread of HIV in their communities.”
– Mandla Babayi, Operator | Broadreach Mobile Project

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Road Accident Fund (RAF)

RAF Drivers Wellness Programme

Forced to spend the majority of their lives on the roads, many truck, bus and taxi drivers do not have the time or money to undergo basic health checks.

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Road Accident Fund mobile on the road