The Future of Service Delivery.

Providing service delivery solutions to mobility projects, owners, operators and organisations in Africa and beyond.

Business owners and organisations face many challenges when it comes to efficient service delivery:

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Inability to reach isolated areas and untapped markets, relying on customers to come to you.

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High fixed overhead costs for bricks and mortar business.

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Inefficient management of funds and wasteful expenditure.

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Lack of insight, data, transparency & reporting.

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Lack of accountability and reaching targets.

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High demand and backlog of current service delivery solutions.

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Guud offers full-service delivery solutions utilizing its Software Suite and Partner Network to optimise any mobility project.

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Gain access to a much larger, untapped customer base.

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Lower costs for service delivery – no need to invest in bricks and mortar facilities.

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Insights and Accountability: Data driven decision making & optimization of projects.

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Adaptability & flexibility to best suit the market opportunity.

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Transparency and reporting utilizing the Guud Software Suite technology.

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Impact cost benefit of ROI in mobility is 12:1.

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Adaptability of mobility: Refurb, repurpose & relocate your business to suit the demand.

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Marketing, & Awareness: Communicating a project’s story to the relevant stakeholders & customers.

Need more help on your mobility journey?


Want to get into mobility?

Looking to start a new mobility project and not sure where to begin? Step into the exciting world of mobile service delivery and learn more about how we can assist you in making it happen.


Already have a mobile project?

If you are already running a mobile project or even a fleet of mobiles, here are some Guud ways that you can optimize your project to ensure it’s working at it’s best.

Facing any challenges in mobility? We have some Guud solutions.


Fueling pump

Rising fuel costs & the need to go green.

User absent

Driver absenteeism & lack of accountability.

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Lack of project data & reporting.

Manual scheduling

Manual scheduling & lack of measuring productivity.

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Lack of professional input when building or operating a mobile.

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Lack of specialized insurance for mobiles.

Bus unavailable

Occurrence of breakdowns, bringing your mobility project to a halt.

Bus warning

Ongoing maintenance of your mobile.


Solar panel

Efficient trip scheduling & solar panel installations.

Professionals App

A Professionals App, allowing real time communication with drivers & operators.

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Real time reporting & feedback of project data via our technology.

Schedule planning

Project management technology that allows for efficient scheduling.


A network of affiliate partners offering professional consultation services.

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A specialized insurance partner to cover your mobility needs.


A partner network to assist with breakdown support and short-term mobile rentals.


A partner network to assist with maintenance support.

The world of Guud

We're all about positive social impact and making a difference in communities in Africa and beyond. By facilitating service delivery solutions via the use of mobility, we can continue to reach more people and impact more lives.

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The Future Of Service Delivery.