Coordinate service delivery with ease

Guud is a cloud-based system for seamless delivery of mobile services. It provides a platform for teams to successfully coordinate the execution of mobile projects to ensure service delivery happens at the right place and at the right time. It’s an all-in-one tool for complete mobile management.

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Realtime Insights

Guud leverages vehicle telemetry, information from staff apps and other metrics to give you an up to date picture of your project. Know exactly when your mobile left the depot, when it arrived on site and when the team started their service.

Operations and Resource Planning

Project management teams can use the software to plan and schedule trips, track internal tasks and have access to insights and data about how the project is performing. Planning features allow users to plan projects from days to months in advance while remaining flexible for last-minute changes.

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Manage a Remote Team

Manage a remote team of mobile operators and staff located in regions around the country, with real time check in/out features, uploading of images from on-site and live data tracking of the mobile’s location. Enjoy the flexibility to plan and assign jobs for the upcoming days, weeks and months ahead, ensuring mobile staff are well informed and briefed on the task at hand.

Project Sharing

The Guud Software Suite now enables flexible project collaboration. Project administrators can invite key stakeholders to collaborate on their projects, granting them near real-time insight into live project data. By utilizing this feature, stakeholders can request site visits and manage professionals, vehicles, and schedules, while maintaining complete control of the project with the project administrator.

Project sharing
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Guud Pro

Guud Pro assists Professionals working on a mobile (whether in metros or decentralised areas) with performing essential tasks during their working day. Guud Pro is part of the Guud software suite and is driven by the schedules that are created by a Mobile Project Manager.

Optimise your mobility project.