Doing good is Guud business. New name, same values, a fresh approach.

What a start to the year!  

Covid brought changes to a lot of aspects of our lives. Among these changes was the adoption of a mindset where the individual consumer got comfortable with the idea of convenient product and service delivery through mobility. This has paved the way for multiple businesses looking to mobility to extend their footprint and take their services directly to their clients.  

We have seen a variety of services locally adopting mobility, ranging from South Africa’s largest banks to car washes, a multitude of food trucks, pet groomers, automobile mechanics, and smaller retail outlets. We have also seen a larger adoption in the HIV/AIDS testing sector, private sector professional healthcare services (dentists, optometrists, etc.) and occupational health services. Public services provided by government departments have also seen an increase in demand. These include Home Affairs, Unemployment Insurance Fund and Driver’s License Card Authority issuing. All these changes taking place have resulted in an explosive first half of the year in the industry. But enough about the industry let us talk about our business.  

Everyone familiar with Xtend (our previous company name) is already familiar with the Guud software suite providing project management tools, transparency and a marketplace for mobile service delivery. The philosophy of this name was always around the impact that these tools make in the lives of many communities and that indeed doing good can be good for business.  

Over the last 6 months, the business has grown in leaps and bounds and has found its sweet spot in the mobility space. Our mantra “Doing good is Guud business” has increasingly resonated throughout the entire business value system and in everything we do. From onboarding new partners in the marketplace, to seeking out clients we work with, the driving force is always focused on making a difference and doing good! As this has been the culture in our business internally, we wanted to share our passion for doing good with the world. So, we did exactly that and rebranded the business from Xtend to Guud.  

This rebrand encompasses a renewed energy and freshness to the mobility industry, as well as embodies our ethos of the business to continue to do good in communities in South Africa, Africa and beyond. 

Take a journey with us, as we travel with you on the road to doing Guud through mobility.  

By Gareth Watkins – Director of Guud.